employment assessment

Considering the current events, employers must continue to forge ahead and conduct business as usual.  In addition to maintaining the business you currently have you need to prepare for the future of your organization.

With the landscape of the new workforce, it will become harder to find the perfect candidate for your open positions. That’s why hiring managers need innovative tools at their disposal, like our employment assessment. How can you utilize our cutting-edge assessment to streamline your candidate screening and interview process?

Real Data Can Change Your Hiring Process Forever

How many times have you hired a candidate who said all the right things in their interview and on their application but who was unprepared for the actual realities of your workplace? Assessments like ours give you concrete data that reflects the personality, experience and preparedness of the applicant so that you can be more prepared to make your hiring decisions. These assessments are continually tested and adjusted, and there is no “right” answer for some questions. As a result, you get a more accurate and unbiased understanding of who each candidate is, not merely who they want you to think that they are.

Our Employment Assessment

This unique assessment can be completed by your job candidates and utilized by your hiring managers. It uses a broad range of logic and personality questions to create a detailed profile that reflects the experience and personality of the candidate. Once they complete the assessment, you will receive a report that shows the candidate’s match to the job description. This objective data can make it easy to maximize the success of your most talented candidates and prepare them (and you) for any weaknesses that need to be addressed upon starting employment.

Employment Assessments Are Becoming More Common

Major companies on the Fortune 500 list are starting to take note of employment and personality assessments and including them as part of their hiring processes. One survey found that 90% of Fortune 500 companies currently use digital or paper-based pre-employment assessments, and over 85% of those companies use psychometric testing as part of the recruiting process as well. Even if you are a small or mid-sized business, you can reap the same benefits that bigger businesses hiring competitively are and have the same tools at your disposal.

Reduce Employee Turnover

One of the most critical ways to reduce employee turnover is by hiring the right people in the first place. Pre-employment assessments radically simplify the screening process and, when you utilize ours, you will have rapid access to a report that indicates the candidate’s appropriateness for an open position. This can also help you find candidates who may have applied for one position but are a better fit for another.

Simplify Your Hiring Process Today

To start simplifying your hiring process now, contact Joe Feldman today to learn more about our innovative pre-employment candidate assessments.