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Forbes magazine on “Branding”. In both our look-at-me cultural shift and evolving job market, it is both helpful and necessary to stand out when applying for a job or starting your own company. Creating the right personal brand will not only help you be known in your field and consistently land work but it could be the difference between “Who are you?” and “Thank you for being here” in your career .

Our Branding Program Consists of 4 Components:

Your resume.  It defines who you are and what you have accomplished in your career to date.  It will spell out your accomplishments, your education, and your goals. This helps the reader (hiring authority) decide whether you should be considered for the position you applied for and move you to the next step. 

Your LinkedIn Profile.  Will be reviewed to make sure that the information on your profile is consistent with your resume and written to attract interest.

LinkedIn Training: We will teach you how to navigate the site and find centers of influence, industry leaders, and opportunities

Social Media.  We will review all your social media accounts to determine whether they fit the brand you want to present to others. 

What are the steps we follow in the “Branding” process?

  • Upon request we will forward a questionnaire to complete. 
  • We analyze your current resume.
  • Schedule a phone interview between you and the writer.
  • Send you a first draft of your resume.
  • Discuss any changes to your resume with the writer.
  • Send you a final draft of your resume.
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and recommend changes
  • Provide training on how to use LinkedIn
  • Review your social media accounts 


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