The Virtual Interview

Treat the Virtual Interview as you would an In-person Interview. The difference is that technology plays a big part in the process. I have broken it down into three parts: PRE-INTERVIEW Research the c…
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Interview Tips

You do not need to “sell” yourself in an interview. If you are in an interview, then your résumé has already highlighted your expertise, and/or you were referred by another colleague/contact. To…
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Resume Writing

The 4 Myths of Resume Writing

As the country continues to grapple with the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and temporary furloughs become permanent layoffs, there’s a significant increase in talent entering the job sea…
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college graduate unemployed

Your College Grad Is Still Unemployed

Many parents are faced with the reality that not all graduates have a full-time job offer before or after graduation. But now it is 2021, and they wonder why their graduates still do not have a job. T…
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employment assessment


Considering the current events, employers must continue to forge ahead and conduct business as usual.  In addition to maintaining the business you currently have you need to prepare for the future of…
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work from home

Avoid these Drawbacks of Working Remote

Remote employees are becoming a more common occurrence for companies everywhere. This working remote trend can be highly beneficial to both the employee and the employer when done correctly. But often…
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Why We Need Employee Motivation

In the long run, the purpose of employee motivation is to boost engagement and improve performance. But what happens when employee motivation practices don’t work? Take a look at these Gallup findi…
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